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Email: melmorrison@mmmsystems.com

MMMSystems is an Eineering Consulting Contractor with mutidisciplinary skill sets combined with hands on experience building hardware for Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive, Medical, Wireless RF and Toy Industries. MMMSystems will be pleased to quote a project to revitalize your organization.

SUMMARY: Over 15 years of eperience supervising and delegating work to a team of engineers and technicians. Inventive creative quick multi-disciplined engineering supervisor problem solver driven to improve quality and lower production costs. Expert in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Software, Firmware, Machinist, Electronic Technician, Maintain troubleshoot and repair all equipment. Customer Presentations and trade shows.


MMMSYSTEMS.com Owner from 1999 to Present : Marketing/Sales Contract Engineering R&D new prducts and processes for the Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive, Medical and Toy Industries. MMMSystems Owns and operates a machine shop and electronics test equipment lab for building prototypes and supports new product production runs. Below is a list of companies and organizations that MMMSystems has had previous contracts with. Over 15 years experience Supervising and delegating work to a team of engineers and technicians

Look over the list of products developed by MMMSystems and you will understand MMMSystems capability and how it can be applied to your project needs improving quality and lowering production costs.

Call or email and request MMMSystems to prepare a detailed quote for the material and labor costs for your project.

Supervise/Manage Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing Departments

High Production Automation Assembly Machines

Prototype Design & Fabrication

New Product Research and Development

Fabrication Machine Shop and Electronics Lab

Design around competitive patents

Manufacturing process development

Mechancial, Solid Works CAD - Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Electrical, Electronic, Analog-Digital Mixed Signals Analysis

Software/Firmware, Embedded Microprocessors