Melvin Mark Morrison

Email: melmorrison@mmmsystems.com


Mel graduated with honors from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) with a bachelor degree in Engineering Technology. He also graduated from New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI) with an associate degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He invented the QUBIKtm Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) magnetically levitated cube US patent # 4711125. He purchased machine shop and electronics lab test equipment to develop working prototypes in his California garage. Then he marketed and presented it to industry. He presented papers in the prestigious Institute Of Navigation world wide journal and delivered many QUBIKtm IMU's to the US Navy, Missile Defense Agency (MDA), General Motors, Ohio University, Loral, Jet Electronics, Matrix, etc. He eventually licensed Loral, a major aerospace company, for a F-18 glide bomb application. The prototype development required a combination of mechanical, electrical, electronic, optical, firmware, software analysis skill sets and more importantly marketing the Intellectual Property (IP) to industry. The QUBIKtm IMU product reduced the size and cost of IMU technology from a $250,000 breadbox to a $2,500 one cubic inch. Recent advances in material cost has lowered the production cost to under $100 for commercial applications. Even lower cost products are being used in cars, cameras, drones, etc. He was the Grand Marshall at the Disneyland Parade in 1991. He has taken the skill sets from developing the QUIBKtm IMU and parlayed them into many new products for over a hundred customers in the aerospace, semiconductor, automotive, medical and toy industries. He also has experience reverse engineering competitor products and designed around their patents. Mel has returned from a multiyear contract in Europe where he built 20 high production pogo pin assembly machines.