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The MMM Systems automotive "Black Box" accident recorder, shown in the photo below, can be purchased for $200 in quantities of 1,000. It integrates the QUBIKtm Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with a Tern FlashCore-B microprocessor that can store up to four years of average driving. Vehicle motion data is collected in an electronic scroll format. This data file records the date, time and all six degree of freedom motion data to record vehicle dynamics in the event of an accident. For a small fee, the data would be uploaded for analysis and downloaded back in email attachments. Insurance companies have been lobbying and have already passed legislation making "black box" accident rocorders mandatory and are trending in the direction not to insure motorist who drive without one in their vehicle. The threat of having a "black box" in every car will put pressure on drivers to be more cautious while driving. Obviously there would be a savings in accident investigations by taking out the politics and guess work in the determination of the exact motions of vehilcles that have gotten into an accident. Every car manufactures after 1998 has a GPS data logger burried inside it. The GPS data keeps track of the vehicle location but the GPS data does not have the resolution to record a car rolling over. You know "who is at fault" "what is on second" and "I don't know is on third". The anticipated after market price to the average consumer is less than the cost savings in insurance with a payback to the consumer within three years for a product that will last the lifetime of the vehicle with a small fee each year to verify at registration or inspection that the "black box" is certified to be working properly.

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