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    Cheryl and Mel run the day to day business of MMM Systems and prepare Limitied Partnership (LP) Offering Memorandum (OM) agreement or an engineering consulting contract for future projects.

    MMM Systems has researched a $1,000,000 INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY with a potential return of $200,000,000 in revenues per year. Everybody has heard of the famous "black box" in commercial aircraft. The heart of this "black box" is the Inertial Measuremetn Unit (IMU). The IMU autonomously senses and records the vehicle motions in all six degrees of freedom, three orthogonal linear and three orthogonal angular, without external sources. IMU's are autonomous and is why they are so important. No external sources like Radar or GPS are needed. Insurance companies have successfully lobbied state legislation concerning a "black box" in every vehicle. Many states have passed legislation informing customers to sign an agreement that their new vehicle is equiped with a "black box" and they are not to be removed by law and the "black box" information would be used in an accident investigation. This "black box" would need to be certified that it is working properly when the vehicle is being inspected. This is the direction legislation has taken to resolve the legal implications of having a "black box" in every vehicle. There already is an established market for a GPS data logger that has been proven to be very successful. GPS does not provide enough detailed information for an accident investigation leaving the "door open" for an IMU. Society needs Inertial Measurement Unit's (IMU's) "black box" accident recorder in every motor vehicle operted on the planet earth. IMU's have been required to be in commercial planes for generations. Insurance companies want a "black box" accident recorder in all vehicles and have pushed the ground breaking legislation for them. The perfect "black box" is an autonomous (not external sources required) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) integrated with a data logger. The data from an IMU in every vehicle will be used to make the world a safer place to drive in. In a perfect world; the customer will purchase the "black box" for $200 and save $100 per year on the vehicle insurance for the life of the car. Insurance maybe denied if their vehicle is not equiped with a "black box". For example legislation may require people with a history of accidents to be required to have a "black box" or they will be denied insurance. When a vehicle is inspected the "black box" will be tested and certified for a fee. MMM Systems intends to use the proceeds in this investment to establish the infrastructure to produce a "black box" accident recorder by integrating the QBUIKtm IMU with a data logger with a web page to handle the data files for certification that they work and providing the precise vehicle moitions that have been in an accident. The web page developed will accept uploaded vehicle accident data from cusotmers via email, process it for a small fee, and then email the accident results back to the customer. The QUBIKtm IMU product has matured over the years and needs one more design analysis effort to get this product ready for the automotive "black box" market. The QUBIKtm IMU has previously been the focus of military contracts, commercial contracts, patent law suits, licensing contracts. To make a long story short "Some big toes have been stepped on." The main focus of the investment is to establish an internet application for the QUBIKtm Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) magnetically levitated cube. The QUBIKtm IMU is a magnetically levitated cube that senses three orthogonal linaer and three orthogonal angular motions autonomously without external sources. Originally developed as a Component in training round system to teach F-18 pilots how to drop bombs down chimneys. A prototype shown below has been field tested to verify performance.

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