The "MADE IN USA" JUMP-HOOP-tm is a high performance jump rope system with low friction air bearing handles. You have to jump higher and develop more coordination than a regular jump rope. The JUMP-HOOP-tm can be used on any surface. A photo and video clip demonstrating the JUMP-HOOP-tm are shown below.

Order the JUMP-HOOP-tm now for $19.95 (retail) + S&H + tax.

Payment is made using a PayPal order form by clicking on the BUY NOW button below. Add a comment on the color of your order for either Red, White, Blue or Orange. If you do not enter a color preference you will get Red, White, Blue or Orange.

The standard size is for 5' 6" to 6' 6". If you want a different height then include the height in the PayPal order.

Customers who buy the JUMP-HOOP-tm also buy the FLAT-ABS-T-tm shown in the photo below.

3d printer files download