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The Magnapump was developed for NOOA as an underwater pump for a phlancton partical counter. It pumps water back and forth through a glass tube. Two lasers scan the moving water to detect living phlancton. Living phlancton are phosporous and emit light at specific detectable frequency. One laser is used to detect the total count while the other laser detects living plancton. The glass tube has a series of electromagetic coils with hall sensors mounted underneath and on center to the coils. The piston has a permanant magnet embedded inside it and is parked on eith side of the glass tube. There is a set of digital analog mixed signals that wake up and move the piston from one side to the other using a 555 timer. The coils are driven with individual H-Bridges that are commutated by the hall sensor as the magnet in the piston passes through the coils. The photo below is the MAGNAPUMP with the piston parked at one side of the glass tube. 

Magna-pump: electromagnetically move piston inside glass tube for plankton particle counter. The white piston is parked at one end of the glass tube that has a permament magnet in it. Hall sensors are mounted underneath the center of the electromagnets to commutate the polarity of the coil as the magnet inside the piston passes through the electromagnetic oils. There is a digital/analog mixed signal set of electronics that selectively drive a set of H-Bridges dedicated to each coil.



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