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The photo and Solid Works model of the MICRO CRIMP shown below has made over 10,000,000 1/2 milmeter pitch spring loaded "pogo pins" used in the semiconductor industry. There are also applications to assemble the distal tip of catheters in the medical industry. Additionaly there may be applications in the aerospace and automotive industries. The basic crimp by itself may be purchased for $1,499 plus shipping and handling. Send PAYPAL payment to mmmgyro@aol.com to purchase this product. This product is in inventory and can be shipped after PAYPAL pament has been approved in two to three days. Contact MMM Systems to verify this product for inventory. Allow up to two weeks for delivery.


The blue colered part is the flexure that is made from a one inch square 1/8 inch thick peice of titanium that can be cycled over 40 million times. The hole in the center of the yellow colored part is the crimp guide block and is a slip fit over the outside diameter of the part being dimple crimped. There are four punch pins in the four cardinal positions mounted into the ends of 0-80 screws. The crimp can be open and closed with a single solenoid or a dual back to back set of solenoids. The figure below is the Solid Works model of the micro crimp exploded.


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