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MMM Systems is developing a mosquitoe trap tha replaces CO2 (dry ice) with a high intensity blue LED. The photo below shows testing has already started.

The photo below is the QUBIKtm IMU automotive "black box" accident recorder software development Test Stand used to write programs in C that are downloaded into a Tern micro processor that reads and analyzes the voltage levels on the servo loops. Post analysis of the trial data confirms 0.01 deg/hr angular bias stability and 1 micro g linear acceleration bias stability.

The photo below is a laptop runing Solid Works with the QUBIKtm Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU): magnetically levitate cube 6 DOF accelerometer proof mass loaded up and ready for Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This laptop and a desktop PC are also used to design PCB's.

The photo below is a bench with electronic test equipment used for the development of custom analog and digital mixed signal control circuits using SMT and through hole components. MMM Systems has RF oscilloscopes, a six digit eight channel microvolt meter for making accurate measurements of Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and other sensitive control systems, many power supplies, a half dozen hand held multimeters that measure voltage, current, temperature, PH, capacitance, resitance, inductance, power, etc.

The photo below is a PCB design that drives a high production pogo pin assembly machine.

The photo below is a clean room booth for keeping components and assemblies free of contamination. Small parts get fluffed and buffed in a ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. First the parts are ultrasonically soaked for 30 minutes in a warm soap water solution. Then the parts are triple rinced and then ultrasonically soak for 30 minutes in isopropyl alcohol. Finally the parts air dry in the clean room booth.



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