RESUME : May 10, 2018

Melvin Mark Morrison : Portsmouth, NH  (207) 703-5222


SUMMARY: Inventive creative quick multi-disciplined engineering supervisor problem solver driven to improve quality and lower production costs. Expert in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Software, Firmware, Machinist, Electronic Technician, Maintain troubleshoot and repair all equipment. Many Customer Presentations and trade shows. Over 15 years experience Supervising and delegating work to a team of engineers and technicians.

EXPERIENCE Owner from 1999 to Present : Marketing/Sales Contract Engineering R&D new prducts and processes for the Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive, Medical and Toy Industries. MMMSystems Owns and operates a machine shop and electronics test equipment lab for building prototypes and supports new product production runs. Below is a list of companies and organizations that MMMSystems has had previous contracts with. Over 15 years experience Supervising and delegating work to a team of engineers and technicians

EQUIP-TEST Resided in Budapest, Hungary from 2011 to 2015 : Supervise the design, build and test of automated assembly machines for test probes. Assemble sample production pogo pins for customer deliveries. Design, Built and Test Robotic microprocessor controlled automated Pogo Pin Asembly machine(s) driving stepper motors, linear solenoids, air valves, fiber optic detectors, power transistor interface electronics.  R & D Design and Built Switch Probe. R & D ball socket quick connect/disconnect for sockets. Trubleshoot, repair and maintain production test equipment.
QUALMAX    Korea: Supervised the design, build and test of sample and production pogo pins for customer deivery.  R & D Design,Built and Tested Robotic microprocessor controlled Pogo Pin Production Equipment that produced cutoff tube parts.
TEMPTRONICS Foxboro, MA: DesignThermal Chambers using Solid Works.
SIGNAL INTEGRITY Attelboro, MA: Supervised the design, build and test samples and production pogo  pins for customer deliveries. R & D Design, Built and Tested Robotic Pogo Pin assembly machines. Trouleshoot, repair and maintain produciton test equipment.
PAPER BATTERY COMPANY Troy, NY: Paper Battery R & D Design and Built Optical process to optically assemble non transparent paper grid patterns. Test data improved from 25% to 100% theoretical levels.
NUTFIELD TECHNOLOGY  Smithfield, RI: Documented entire process to make CO2 Optical Laser Marker.  Improved performance level from 75% to 100% theoretical by running laser open to the gas mixing manifold.
SPECTREX, San Fransisco, CA: Developed MAGNAPUMP for laser optical particle counter. The MAGNAPUMP is a glass tube with a series ofelectromagentic coils. Hall sensors detect the position of a magnetic piston inside the glass tube.  The electromagnets push and pull a magnetic piston to pump water through the glass tube. Two lasers scan through the glass tube. One laser measures the size and total of phlancton particles. The second laser detect the size and total count of the particles that emmit phophorous.
YOMEGA Fall River, MA: DesignToys, R & D Design and Built new YoYo patent.
BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Marlborough, MA: Built Hydro Ablation Catheter prototpes. R & D assembly & test fixtures.
BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Headquarters Natic, MA : Built Ultrasound Heart Catheter prototypes. R & D assembly & test fixtures.
TORONTO MARATHON Toronto, Canada: R & D RFID Floor Mat Antenna to catch cheaters.
RFID Floor Mat Antenna used in Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Casino
BARD Warwick, RI: Built Stomach Suture Catheter prototypes. R & D assembly and test fixtures.
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Attelborough, MA: R & D Auto Transmition Range Sensor, Tire pressure sensor, Setup and operated automated Test Data collection process.  Design and Built microprocessor controlled assembly test fixture that reduced test time from 8 hours to 15 minutes and imprved quality from 25 data ponts to 100,000 data points.
COPLEY CONTROLS Westwood, MA: R & D Labview Software for Production Test Stands. Supervised production
MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) Contract Washington DC: R & D prototype magnetically levitated QUBIKtm IMU's for Smart Bullet Star Wars application. Supervised and delegated work to a team of engineers and technicians.
US NAVY Contract Indianapolis, IN. Contract to deliver five magnetically levitated QUBIK IMU's for lab testing. Supervised and delegated work to a team of engineers and technicians.
CONLON Newport, RI:  Rebuild Plastic Injection Molding machines, Travel to customers to supervise installations.
LORAL CONTROL SYSTEMS : Licensed US Patent # 4711125 magnetically levitated QUBIKtm IMU. Supervised and delegted works to a team of engineers and technicians to build a pilot production line and produced 200 QUBIKtm IMU's


University of New Hampshire (UNH) Durham, NH: Bachelor Degree Engineering Technology Cume Laud (3.3/4.0) THESIS: How to Size a Transformer for a Vacuum Furnace.

Hew Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI) Concord, NH: Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Portsmouth Technical Institute Portsmouth, NH: Auto Mechanics Course

Dover High School Dover, NH: College Prep & Industrial Arts


Fortran, Basic, HP Basic, Super Basic C, C+, C++, G code, PLC's, microprocesors
ISO 9001 Design Process, Six Sigma Certification, Dimensional and Tolerancing ASME Y14 Certification
Accounting for Engineers, Econmics of Business Activities
Program Management, How to prepare a schedule, Technical Writing
Supervisor Team Leadership Training, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Saftey, Blood Born Pathogens
Draper Labs PIGA/SFIR Training
Solid Works CAD, Auto CAD, Key CAD, Prime Medusa CAD
ANSYS Finite Element Analysis (FEA), COSMOS FEA
HP Oscilloscope Training
Portsmouth Navy Yard Apprentice Electrician
Nashua Corporation Copier Machine